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		       Computer Security Mexico 2004
              "10th Years celebrating Computer Security Mexico"

                       Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso
                          May 27th - May 28th, 2004

 			      Mexico City, Mexico

 The goal of Computer Security 2004 Mexico is to create awareness among the
 computer user community about security strategies and mechanisms used to
 protect information systems. Since  1994, Mexico has been organizing this
 great event through the Computer Security Department at UNAM and

 Computer Security 2004 Mexico will be an event for all the people who are
 involved in the use, design and administration of computer systems. For
 the 2004 Conference Program we will have the presentation of a new
 book by Mike Schiffman and Jeremy Rauch, Avi Rubin will present his
 recent work about "Electronic Vote and Security", Art Manion of CERT/CC
 will present "Internet Explorer: Unsafe in Any Zone", Wietse Venema will
 present "Open Source Security Lessons" and Alan Paller will talk about
 "How Organization are Fighting Back Against Cybercrime"  among other
 Computer Security Experts.

  IMPORTANT : 	The Conference will be English and Spanish.
		Translation Service Available

                                Keynote Speakers

       	* How Organization are Fighting Back Against Cybercrime
          Alan Paller
          Director of Research, The SANS Institute

	* Open Source Security Lessons
          Wietse Venema
          IBM T.J.Watson Research Center

	* Electronic Voting and Security
	  Avi Rubin
	  Johns Hopkins University

	* The Case for a Modern Network Infrastructure Security Volume I:
          The Protocols
	  Mike Schiffman and Jeremy Rauch
	  Cisco Systems and Independent Security Consultor

	* Secure Shell and Network-Based Intrusion Detection: Can (or
	  should) they Co-exist?
	  Eugene Schultz
	  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

      	* Nuevos Ataques y Nuevas Tendencias en Seguridad Informática
          Ivan Arce
          Chief Technology Officer, Core Security Technologies

	* Internet Explorer: Unsafe in Any Zone
          Art Manion
          Vulnerability Handling Team,

        * Estrategias de la Seguridad en Redes Europeas
          Francisco Jesús Monserrat Coll
          Coordinador de Seguridad, RedIRIS

	* Future Trends in IDS Technologies
          Adam Richard

	* The Security Enabled Enterprise & Windows XP Service Pack 2
          Aaron Turner
          Security Center of Excellence Delivery Manager,
          Microsoft Corp.


                            Why should you assist?

 Because it is the opportunity to find out about what is being developed in
 the  computer security  field  and it  is also  a chance  to share  your own
 experience and interests with people with the same interest on this

 Also, You can learn about how to manage and respond to computer security
 incidentswithout exposing your resources.


                             Further Information:

 	* Web:	  http://congreso.seguridad.unam.mx

	* Conference Registration Availalable on site

	* The Conference Program will be English and Spanish

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