[ISN] Police probe Sasser informant

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Wed May 19 08:20:41 EDT 2004


By John Leyden
18th May 2004

The informant who led police to the self-confessed author of the
infamous Sasser worm is himself under investigation.

Marle B. - the man who provided the tip-off to Microsoft that led to
the arrest of Sven Jaschan, 18 - has become a suspect in the German
police's computer sabotage inquiry. Munich-based weekly Focus reports
that a criminal investigation would blight Marle B's chances of a
share in the $250,000 reward money from Microsoft's Anti-Virus Reward
Program that caused him to come forward in the first place.

"If he was involved in Sasser, then he will go away empty-handed,"  
Microsoft spokesman, Thomas Baumgaertner, told Focus.

18-year-old Jaschan was arrested in the village of Waffensen near
Rotenburg, in northern Germany, on 7 May in connection with writing
and distributing the Sasser worm. He later confessed to police that he
was both the author of Sasser and the original author of the NetSky
worm. Police are expected to lay computer sabotage charges against
Jaschan, who has been released on bail pending further proceedings.

Last week German police raided five homes and questioned five further
suspects as the inquiry into the release of the NetSky worm widened.  
The five new suspects are all school-friends of Jaschan, according to
local reports. Two of the suspects questioned have admitted receiving
the source code of NetSky from Jaschan and one has admitted
distributing a version of the noxious NetSky worm. Suspects were
questioned but no further arrests were made.

Public prosecutor Helmut Trentmann told German news agency DPA that
Jaschan's confession has expedited the 18 year-old trial, which could
begin in a juvenile court in a matter of weeks.

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