[ISN] Multiple Vulnerabilities Found in Symantec Client Products

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Thu May 13 05:49:49 EDT 2004


By Larry Seltzer 
May 12, 2004   
Symantec has acknowledged several serious bugs in several of its
client security products in both corporate and consumer editions.

The problems, reported to Symantec Corp. by eEye Digital Security,
involve several functions of the products but one specific file,

Symantec has provided a brief description, stating that fixes for all
of the problems are available through its LiveUpdate and
technical-support channels.

Products affected include Symantec Client Firewall versions 5.0.0
through 5.1.1; Symantec Client Security 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and 2.0.0; Norton
AntiSpam 2004; Norton Internet Security 2002 through 2004; and Norton
Internet Security Professional Edition 2002 through 2004.
DNS response is one of the functions listed as having such an error. A
malicious response to a DNS request could cause the program to fail or
alter the flow of the program. There are also errors in the processing
of NetBIOS Name Service responses that could allow remote code
execution or denial of service. Since NetBIOS is not a routable
protocol, such attacks would have to come from within a network

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