[ISN] Crackers declare cyberwar on USA

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Thu May 13 05:48:47 EDT 2004


www.zone-h.org admin

Famous Brazilian newspapers have been informed that a new hacking 
group composed of worldwide individuals (from Brazil, China, Hong Kong 
and Russia) has declared cyberwar on the United States of America.

Its name is Hackers Against America (HAA) and their web site is hosted 
on a Russian server. According to what is written on the main page, 
they plan to integrate new members and launch attacks against 
computers based in the US (cracking some of them but also use worms, 
viruses) in order to steal private documents. Some samples of 
documents and codes are available on the web site, although they don't 
seem to be secret at all and possible to find by using search engines. 

Even if this threat appears to be tiny now, it is probably not a hoax 
and it could grow in the future, just keep an eye on it.

Siegfried www.zone-h.org admin

João Magalhães from www.estadao.com.br contributed to this article 

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