[ISN] Hacker gives Kuomintang Web site pro-Chinese look with PRC photos

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Tue May 11 01:49:43 EDT 2004


Agence France-Presse 

A person claiming to be a Chinese military veteran has hacked into the
Web site of the opposition Kuomintang and replaced its homepage with
pro-China photos, a party official said yesterday.

One photo shows a soldier with the People's Liberation Army aiming a
rifle at a target while the other shows two men raising the national
flag of the People's Republic of China, KMT spokesman Justin Chou
(©P¦u°V) told AFP.

The hacker has also written "I'm proud of being a Chinese and a
Chinese veteran" in Chinese, and China's national anthem now plays as
the Web site's background music, Chou said.

The KMT has closed the Web site and filed a complaint with the police,
he said.

"We strongly condemned the move," Chou said.

Taiwan split with China in 1949 at the end of a civil war and tensions
have remained between the two neighbors. Beijing still considers
Taiwan a province of China awaiting reunification, by force if
necessary, and has threatened to invade if the island declares its

The KMT maintained a 51-year long grip on power until being ousted by
President Chen Shui-bian's (³¯¤ô«ó) Democratic Progressive Party in

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