[ISN] [Vmyths.com ALERT] Will U.S. try to extradite Sasser's creator?

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Tue May 11 01:48:37 EDT 2004

Fowarded from: Pete Simpson <pete.simpson at clearswift.com>

Extradition not desirable, Rob? Why not?

Could it be that the culprits fit the profile of some geeky teenage
kid. If these had been extradited to stand trial in the US for
'multi-billion' dollar crime:

	1 - would these outrageous damage estimates stand scrutiny
	2 - would the repeated images of geeky kids conflict with the
            preferred image of crazed terrorists hell bent on destruction 
            the national infrastructure

or am I just a cynic seeing propaganda angles where the don't even

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> A Reuters newswire says "German police have arrested an 18-year-old
> man suspected of creating the 'Sasser' computer worm, believed to be
> one of the Internet's most costly outbreaks of sabotage...  [A
> police spokesman] said the suspect admitted to programming the
> worm."  See http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4928653 for the full text of
> the newswire.
> In our previous Hysteria Alert, we predicted the fearmongers at mi2g
> will soon slap an astronomical dollar value on the Sasser worm.  
> The U.S. alone will account for a few billion of mi2g's guesstimate.  
> This leads us to ponder an interesting question:
> Will the Justice Department try to extradite the author of the
> Sasser worm?  Will he stand trial on American soil for a
> multi-billion-dollar crime?


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