[ISN] [Vmyths.com ALERT] Hysteria over ''Sasser'' worm

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Fri May 7 09:49:35 EDT 2004

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Rob scribbled:

> http://Vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=241&page=4 for details.)  In the
> latest example, an AFP newswire revealed "Sampo, Finland's third
> largest bank, closed its 130 branch offices across the country to
> prevent the Sasser Internet worm from infecting its systems...  'We
> decided to close our offices as a precaution, since we knew that our
> virus protection hadn't been updated,' Sampo spokesman Hannu Vuola
> [said]."  In other words, Finland's third-largest bank voluntarily
> made itself Finland's SMALLEST bank -- because they didn't trust
> their "antivirus solution" to protect them in a time of crisis.

I've not read AFP newswire story but MTV3 news (Finnish TV channel)  
reported that Sampo actually got infected. As we all know it can
sometimes be difficult to find the piece of truth from news stories
but in this case I find it hard to believe that Sampo would have
closed their branch offices as a "precautionary measure".



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