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Fri Jul 23 10:27:34 EDT 2004

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Subject: mi2g attacks "so-called" security sites

mi2g attacked a number of "so-called" security sites in a 20 July
press release.  mi2g identified by name the following sites:
SecurityFocus, Insecure, Neohapsis, NetSys, e2kSecurity, Der Keiler,
gossamer-threads, C4I, VulnWatch, and Landfield.

Vmyths will slam mi2g in an upcoming column -- because they don't know
the difference between a hoax and a PARODY.

Vmyths has dared to use the word "plagiarism" in the same sentence
with "mi2g."  We will now dare to use the word "slander."  We'll say
it in both a column and a press release.

mi2g threatened to sue Vmyths for libel in 2002.  (See
http://Vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=497&page=4 for details.)  Two years
later, we're still waiting for the "so-called" security firm to
identify ANY libelous text on our website.  "Truth" remains the first
word in our website slogan.

Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths editor
Truth about computer virus hysteria
(319) 646-2800

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