[ISN] NIST helps on security budgets

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Fri Jul 9 06:48:26 EDT 2004


By Florence Olsen 
July 8, 2004

Agency officials struggling to include information-security outlays in 
their budget requests may find help in a publication released today by 
the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The draft document, NIST Special Publication 800-65, presents seven 
steps to ensure that information technology budget requests meet the 
requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 

Under FISMA, federal agencies must make information security planning 
part of their capital budgeting process for the first time. NIST 
technical experts wrote the new document to help agencies identify 
high-priority security needs that should get priority funds.

NIST officials will accept comments on the document though Aug. 12 at 
sec-cpic at nist.gov.


Draft Special Publication 800-65, Integrating Security into the 
Capital Planning and Investment Control Process 

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