[ISN] Security jobs on the rise

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Fri Dec 24 03:17:06 EST 2004


By Grant Gross
IDG News Service

While IT employment numbers may be lagging, there is a glimmer of 
hope. The number of cybersecurity professionals is projected to grow 
at an annual compound rate of nearly 14% from now until 2008, 
according to a study released in November. 

"The Information Security Workforce Study," conducted by IDC (a sister 
company of CIO's publisher) for the International Information Systems 
Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, projects that the number 
of information security professionals worldwide will be 2.1 million in 
2008, up from 1.3 million currently. 

The survey of 5,371 full-time information security professionals in 80 
countries found that 97% of respondents had moderate to very high 
expectations for career growth. Security professionals have also 
experienced growth in job prospects, career advancement, higher base 
salaries and salary premiums for certification at faster rates than 
other areas of IT. 

The survey results speak to the growing importance of information 
security, which "is beginning to be recognized more broadly as an 
enterprisewide area," says James R. Wade, a member of (ISC)2's board 
of directors. 

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