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Debunking the Top 5 Myths of Outsourcing Email Security

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1. What's New in the Latest Issue

     January 2005 Issue
     - Focus: Security Toolkit and Training
     - Feature: The Auditor Security Collection

2. New Additions to the Online Article Archive

     January 2004 Issue
     - Focus: Document Security
     - Features
     - Access Denied

==== Sponsor: Debunking the Top 5 Myths of Outsourcing Email Security

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==== 1. What's New in the Latest Issue ====

January 2005 Issue

Focus: Security Toolkit and Training
   The Auditor collection of security tools can be a great start to a
security toolkit, and Port Reporter is another good addition to your
tool set. Security certifications can be good for you--if you pick the
right ones to pursue.

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The Auditor Security Collection
   Use this Linux-based, self-contained tool collection as an
easy-to-use, all-in-one security toolkit.
   --Jeff Fellinge

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   Successful patch management is a core component of maintaining a
secure computing environment. With a growing number of patches being
released by Microsoft weekly, IT administrators must be vigilant in
assuring that the machines on their networks are accurately patched.
Although Microsoft offers tools to assist administrators with the
tasks of patching, they are often time-consuming and far from
comprehensive. However there are solutions on the market that can
reliably and accurately automate the tasks involved in successful
patch management. In this free white paper, learn more about the patch
management dilemma and patch management solutions. Download this free
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==== 2. New Additions to the Online Article Archive ====

January 2004 Issue
   To access this issue of Security Administrator, go to the following

Focus: Document Security
   Set up Windows Rights Management Services to protect your
documents, email messages, and Web site content. Also, learn about the
Ethereal packet sniffer and certificate autoenrollment.


The Ethereal Packet Sniffer
   Learn how to use this free, full-featured protocol analyzer, which
has both graphical and command-line interfaces.
   --Jason Fossen

Windows Rights Management Services
   Microsoft's new Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) lets users
lock down documents, email messages, and Web content like never
   --John Howie

Windows Server 2003 PKI Certificate Autoenrollment
   Windows Server 2003 lets you automatically enroll users and
computers for certificates, including smart card–based certificates.
   --Jan De Clercq

Access Denied

Making MBSA Ignore Patches to Disabled Services
   Prevent updates for disabled services and features from generating
false positives on MBSA reports.
   --Randy Franklin Smith
Scanning for Office Updates
   MBSA can't scan for missing Office updates, but you can use one of
two other options to do the job.
   --Randy Franklin Smith


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Stop the "Silent Killer" Unleashed by Spammers
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