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 Major Public Safety Technology Conference Announcement  


The U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security jointly present
the 6th Annual "Technologies for Public Safety in Critical Incident
Response Conference and Exposition 2004"

Hosted by: DHS's Science & Technology Directorate and DOJ's National
Institute of Justice

This first ever joint DOJ-DHS 3-day conference will allow the
Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate
and the Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice to
highlight the technology and training tools currently available and
being developed for the responder community to deal with major threats
to lives and property, such as terrorist attacks. The conference
offers a unique opportunity for responders, business and industry,
academia and elected Federal, State and local stakeholders to network,
exchange ideas and address common critical incident technology needs.

Date: September 27-29, 2004

Location: Hyatt Regency, New Orleans

Theme: Prevention, Response, Preparedness and Recovery

Attendees: Public Safety Practitioners, Federal, State and Local
Government, and Industry/Private Sector

Registration Fees:  $245: Public Safety Practitioner/Government 
                    $355: Academia/Non-Profit
                    $565: Industry/Private Sector/Other 

Exhibit Hall: Can accommodate 95 10'x 10' booths 

Tentative topics include:  

*         Interoperability 
*         Information and Intelligence Sharing 
*         Transportation Security  
*         Physical Security for Critical Infrastructure
*         Border Security  
*         Federal Funding and Other Assistance 
*         Threat and Vulnerability Assessment  
*         Electronic Crime and Cyber Security  
*         Countering Terrorist's Use of Explosive Devices 
*         CBRN Countermeasure Technologies 
*         Incident Command  
*         Equipment Standards and Testing 
*         Simulation and Training Technologies 
*         Personal Protection 
*         Technologies for Safer Communities 
*         Concealed Weapons Detection & Surveillance Tools 
*         Urban Search and Rescue 
*         The SAFETY Act 
*         Gun Shot Detection 

Conference co-sponsors:  

*         U.S. Department of Commerce  
*         Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
          for Homeland Defense 
*         Technical Support Working Group 
*         International Association of Chiefs of Police 
*         International Association of Fire Chiefs  
*         National Emergency Management Association 
*         National Sheriff's Association 
*         Eastern Kentucky University/Justice & Safety

For more information about this conference, please see
or call Lisa Hecker, Conference Manager, at 505-670-6153.

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