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1. New Additions to the Online Article Archive

     September 2003 Issue
     - Focus: Preparing for Windows Server 2003
     - Features
     - Access Denied
     - NT Gatekeeper

2. What's New in the Latest Issue

     September 2004 Issue
     - Focus: Windows XP SP2 Makes Internet Exploring Safer
     - Feature: Safer Internet Exploring

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==== 1. New Additions to the Online Article Archive ====

September 2003 Issue
   To access this issue of Security Administrator, go to the following

Focus: Preparing for Windows Server 2003
   Learn about changes Microsoft made to its latest server OS to make
it more secure out of the box. Other features describe how to
configure ISA Server clients, block pop-up ads, understand event ID
560, and much more.


Configuring ISA Server Clients
   ISA Server's Web Proxy Autodiscovery capability and Firewall Client
software make setup a breeze for intranet clients that use ISA Server
to get to the Internet.
   --Leon Braginski

   Discover the varied uses of this handy port-scanning and
file-transfer tool.
   --Jeff Fellinge

Windows Server 2003: Secure by Default
   These 10 changes to default security mechanisms and OS
configuration standards help make Windows 2003 more secure out of the
   --Joe Rudich

Access Denied

Detecting PPTP Attacks on Remote Access Servers
   Learn how to determine if an attacker is trying to access your RAS
server by guessing usernames and passwords.
   --Randy Franklin Smith

Restricting the Programs Users Can Run
   Software restriction policies provide more control than APPSEC
   --Randy Franklin Smith

Understanding Event ID 560
   Learn how to distinguish between password changes and password
   --Randy Franklin Smith

Using Passwords with Kerberos
   Although more resistant to cracking than NTLM, Kerberos is still
vulnerable in the absence of strong passwords.
   --Randy Franklin Smith

NT Gatekeeper

Granting the Bypass Traverse Checking Advanced User Right
   Learn the pros and cons of letting users bypass directory traversal
access checks.
   --Jan De Clercq

Using NewSID to Acquire Unique SIDs
   Learn how to use the NewSID tool to fix a security identity
uniqueness problem.
   --Jan De Clercq

Using PuList to Determine SID Processes
   The PuList command-line tool can display the identity of every
process running on your NT 4.0 system.
   --Jan De Clercq


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==== 2. What's New in the Latest Issue ====

September 2004 Issue

Focus: Windows XP SP2 Makes Internet Exploring Safer
   New service pack adds security enhancements to IE; use packet
filtering to add an extra layer of network protection; learn about
LogParser's Strings field.

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Safer Internet Exploring
   In XP SP2, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) includes important
security enhancements such as an add-on manager, a pop-up blocking
mechanism, and Local Machine security zone lockdown.
   --Jan De Clercq

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