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Mon Aug 23 03:31:14 EDT 2004

Forwarded from: Tim Johnson <dbugman at dbugman.com>

[In an effort to cross-pollinate the list a little, Tim Johnson, an
Atlanta area TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)
professional would like to offer a free class on the subject. He would
like to present this class first to those of you on the list in and
around the Atlanta area first, but if more interested parties want to
hear the talk from outside Atlanta, he is interested giving the class
again. Mr. Johnson is also on the hunt for a sponsor.  - WK]

This may sound like it is a little far out for planning, but right
now, I'm looking at the middle of October (16th, Saturday) as the
earliest we could do it. REI is available at that time and can bring
in their equipment and make a demo and the annual ASIS thing will have
come and gone.

If no one in the Atlanta area wants to do some presenting or speaking,
I'm pretty sure I can get some former government TSCM people to drop
by, as well as some of you in the private sector who are doing the
work. Right now, this is shaping up to be at least a 4 hour deal.

It will remain free, but, I'll gladly accept a $5.00 or $10.00
donation at the door to cover the cost of the CD's, etc. There won't
be anyone checking you off on a list. Most likely, there'll just be a
box in a back corner somewhere to drop it into if you feel the results
were worth it.

On the other hand, if I have to pay for a place, there may be a small
fee involved to cover the cost of the rental. I'm thinking there may
be some security company associated with ASIS here in the Atlanta area
who would make available their facility for such an activity.

I'll start working on a general syllabus for the presentation; if you
have something you'd like to have discussed, let me know. More as it
comes in or is developed.



For the benefit of those who are receiving the announcement for the

This is directed primarily to the corporate people in the Atlanta, Ga

I would like to put on a free seminar (probably on a Saturday would be
best) for corporate security people and the private investigators of
Georgia (people from surrounding states will be welcome to attend on a
space available basis). I would anticipate the seminar to last no more
than 4 hours, but historically, they end up going as long as I am able
to handle questions or until the doors have to be closed.

As this will be free, I am looking for something I can get for nothing
(If a charge is involved, let me know how much and I'll be able to see
if attendees would be willing to pay on a pro-rated basis). If you
would be interested in "sponsoring" the seminar, please get back to
me. If you are not from here, but know an organization in the Atlanta
area that might be interested in sponsoring, have them get in contact
with me. Also, let me know how many people you would be able to
accommodate if you are interested in sponsoring.

The seminar would address the mechanics of a TSCM (debugging) sweep,
the legal aspects of bugging (as well as i understand them) and
debugging, equipment and training involved for low level to high level
threats, additional aspects of the service provided to a client, the
ethics involved, and anything else you folks might be able to come up
with. Nothing classified or super sensitive, but....... You'll be
welcome to bring your equipment for comparison and show and tell.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get someone from REI to come down and hook
up their OSCOR and computer and set up for video presentation onto a
big screen and we can all look at and discuss signals at the same
time. Brief presentations and discussions will be welcomed from the
attendees, as well.

I also want to do the same thing for law enforcement.....a free
seminar for law enforcement ONLY in which I will make the
presentation, answer questions and present a forum in which law
enforcement people will be better able to discuss the problems they
encounter and the equipment they have available for both bugging and
debugging; the legal aspects of bugging and what they should do
before, during and after an "operation", the possible capabilities of
the bad guys, etc. If they want to throw me out during a portion of
their "sensitive" discussions, that will be fine with me. <grin> For
this portion, I'm hoping I can hook up with one of the area law
enforcement agencies or a college or university that would want to
"sponsor" it.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Technical Security Consultants Inc.
PO Box 1295
Carrollton, GA 30112
770-712-2164 Cell

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